WHOISCHRIS is Chris Lynch

A little background on myself: I have enjoyed photography since ~4th grade, but it wasn't until I got my first SLR camera (Christmas '98), that I REALLY started to get into it.

In high school I shot local sports for the Montgomery County (Texas) newspaper, and my Senior year I shot my first wedding. After high school I joined the Air Force, which has taken me to Japan, South Carolina, and South Korea- before going to Abilene, TX. Now, I'm back in South Korea, this time at Osan AB, 50 minutes South of Seoul.

At each of my duty stations, I quickly became the (un)official squadron photographer, shooting almost any kind of event you can imagine- retirement ceremonies, promotion parties, and exercises. I have been featured in an article that ran in both the Air Force and Army Times, about photographing your deployment experience.

In my travels, I've also found time to shoot several weddings. Weddings are a blast to shoot, and I really enjoy being directly involved in capturing somebody's priceless memories.

What I really have come to love in photography is capturing day-to-day life. Markets, street scenes, social interactions; these are my favorite subjects. I love seeing small glimpses of other cultures, and the lives of those people around me. I love to explore, and I love new experiences.